Creative industries are one of the most important economic factors in Europe. And, unlike other sectors, it is growing steadily. Moreover, art and culture provide both a connecting and identity-forming basis for people in Europe. However, the living and working conditions of many creatives are precarious.

Collaborations that transcend borders are standard practice, especially in the film industry—be it in the form of coproductions, film shoots in different countries, or the distribution of works in other markets.

More and more important decisions that concern the film industry are no longer made on just a national level. For this reason, it is essential for the film sector to establish fair framework conditions on a European level, with regard to working conditions, insurance and publishing structures, gender equality, minimum compensation, and distribution networks. National stakeholders can hardly cope with these additional challenges. Europe-wide solidarity in the branch and advanced professionalisation are needed in order to sustain the dialogue with Brussels and achieve set goals.

Against this backdrop, the Film Interface was initiated by EU XXL FILM in November 2018: A professional interface for (Austrian) filmmakers working in Europe. The extensive experience of EU XXL FILM chairwoman Mercedes Echerer in the European Parliament provides great support in this endeavour.

The interface serves as a link between Austrian, European, and, where applicable, international concerns and channels relevant information between the different stakeholders and protagonists:

The tasks of the interface are:

  • A continuous flow of information between copyright and intellectual property protection associations in Austria
  • Establishing communication with relevant sister organisations in EU member states
  • Information exchange between Austrian and relevant sister organisations in EU member states
  • Preparing statements on pertinent legal frameworks, internally and for the political realm
  • Research and processing applicable data material (e.g. studies)
    Inventory of best practice models and potential adaptations for the Austrian context
  • Contact point for questions and suggestions from the domestic film scene, e.g. concerning the “social agenda”
  • Quarterly meetings of the branch with invited experts
  • 1–2 larger conferences/events per year



EU XXL FILM – Forum for European Film
Schrankgasse 12/3
1070 Vienna



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