Article from the British Cinematographer: Kurt Brazda about IMAGO.



11 January 2022
European Audiovisual Observatory

New Gender Report on Women Working in the European Film Industry by Patrizia Simone, Film Analyst at the Department of Market Information, European Audiovisual Observatory

Press Release



20 October 2021
European Parliament

Press Release: MEPs call for minimum social standards for artists and cultural workers


July 2021
European Audiovisual Observatory

Report: Female audiovisual professionals in European TV fiction production
Press Release / Key Insights: Women still under-represented in the TV fiction industry in Europe



March 15th 2021
Authors’ Group

Position on European Parliament’s report on the situation of artists and the cultural recovery in the EU

The Authors’ Group consists of the following associations: European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA),European Writers’ Council (EWC), Federation of European Film and TV Directors (FERA) and Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE)



January 13th 2021
European Parliament, CULT committee
Creative Europe, Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps

CULT commitee confirms trilogue deals: press release

Support for the cultural and creative sector increases by 36%, importance of gender equality highlighted and an European added value in the projects mandatory.

EU programme for culture and audiovisual sectors for 2021-2027: press release



January 8th 2021 
Meeting Report: First virtual Meeting of the EuroFIA Group, November 19th 2020

Resolution addressing the Spanish authorities
Resolution addressing the Turkish authorities



December 21st 2020
EWA – european women’s audiovisual network

50/50 by 2020 – The challenges of gender equality for Europe’s audiovisual sector

Video Recording of the online conference, co-organised by EWA network (European Women’s Audiovisual Network) and EURO-MEI (UNI Europa – Media, Entertainment & Arts), in collaboration with EFAD (European Film Agency Directors Association) and Cineuropa, held on 11 December.



December 11th 2020
University of Copenhagen, Center for Modern European Studies (CEMES)

Webinar on the role of the new Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) in increasing commitments of streaming platforms towards European content: Challenges and Opportunities

15 December, 12.30-14.20
To register, write to no later than 14 December!!!


Keynote by Julie Jeanne-Régnault, Secretary of the Association of European Film Agency Directors (EFAD)



November 27th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual (EENCA)

Study on the status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals
Executive Summary
Conclusions and Recommendations



November 18th 2020

Film New Europe reports: New VOD levy in Poland



November 12th 2020

Joint Statement by European organisations representing authors, screenwriters, directors, actors, crew, producers and members of the film community across Europe on governmental blocking of public film funding in Slovenia



November 11th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
CICAE – International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas

CICAE on the Agreement on the EU budget – Press Release



November 10th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Council / European Parliament

Council presidency reaches political agreement with the European Parliament on next multiannual financial framework and recovery package



October 21st 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Recovery and Resilience Facility  Draft Report

Joint Letter of organisations from across the cultural and creative sector to the Members of the European Parliament



October 8th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Creative Europe Desk – KULTUR

Online Conference “Looking Ahead – New Opportunities and Visions within EU Funding for Culture after Covid-19”



September 17th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Parliament

European Parliament Resolution of 17 September 2020 on the cultural recovery of Europe

Press Release

EP is pushing for sizable EU funding to prop up hard-hit European culture: Article published by Europost



June 26th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE

Austrian Emergency Programme to compensate film and TV productions that have been delayed or shut down because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak

Article by Cineuropa/Davide Abbatescianni



June 23rd 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes online

Film/Panel – The Audiovisual Sector in time of COVID-19
Article by Cineuropa/Vladan Petković

With contributions from (amongst others)
Richard Burnley, Director of Legal and Policy EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
Maja Capello, Head of Department for Legal Information EAO (European Audiovisual Observatory)
Silvia Cibien, General Delegate EUROVOD (European Video on Demand Platforms)
Luís Chaby Vaz, President EFAD (European Film Agency Directors)
Cécile Despringre, Executive Director SAA (Society of Audiovisual Authors)
Gilles Fontaine, Head of Department for Market Information EAO (European Audiovisual Observatory)
Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
Benoît Ginisty, Chief Representative FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers‘ Associations)
Laura Houlgatte, CEO UNIC (International Union of Cinemas)
Elena Lai, Secretary General CEPI (European Audiovisual Production Association)
Alexandra Lebret, Managing Director EPC (European Producers‘ Club)
Grégoire Polad, Director General ACT (Association of Commercial Television in Europe)
Alina Popescu, Secretary General FIAD (International Federation of Film Distributors‘ Associations)



June 4th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE

The Dutch government steps in to rescue the local film sector – Article by Cineuropa/Davide Abbatescianni



May 27th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Parliament, Culture Committee
European Commission

Revised proposal by the European Commission for the 2021-2027 budget for Creative Europe / recovery plan for Europe: Reaction by CULT Committee Chair Sabine Verheyen

Negotions on the multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027: Overview



May 15th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
FERA – Federation of European Film Directors

Statement – Developing Health and Safety Guidelines on Set
Article by Cineuropa



May 14th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
CEE – Central and Eastern Europe

Thumbs up for the fantastic work by the CEE film newswire Film New Europe

Bulgaria Releases More Funds for Culture and Reopens Cinemas

Czechs to Reopen Cinemas as Covid-19 Declines

Estonia Announces Support for Film Industry

Latvian Distributors Respond to Pandemic With Alternative Business Models

Lithuania Supports Hard Hit Cultural Sector with Over 68 m EUR

Lithuanian Film and TV Industry Adapt to COVID-19 Crisis

Poland Allows Restart of Filming and Outdoor Cinemas

Polish Govt. Proposes Levy on Streaming Giants To Support Local Film Industry

Polish Film Institute Issues First Batch of Support for Filmmakers

Romanian Filmmakers Propose Measures To Prevent Collapse of Film Industry

SAPA Offers Financial Support for Slovak Filmmakers During Crisis

Slovak Association of Independent Producers Details Covid-19 Losses

Slovakian institutions work on measures to protect the domestic film industry

Slovak Film Industry Finds New Paths to Combat COVID-19

Slovenian TV Series Bridges Between Us Resumes Shooting



May 12th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE

European Parliament, Culture Committee

Culture Committee chair Verheyen calls for doubling money for Creative Europe



May 7th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Parliament, Culture Committee

Newsletter May 2020



May 5th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
The Cultural and Creative Sectors of Europe

Call for ambitious EU budgetary measures to get through the COVID-19 crisis


May 4th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Parliament, Culture Committee

Please watch the latest CULT meetinghere

It features a highly anticipated debate with the EU Commissioners Thierry Breton (Internal Market, Audiovisual) and Mariya Gabriel (Culture)


May 1st 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE

Variety Article:Movie Theaters in Norway to Reopen May 7 With 50 People Cap Per Screen



April 20th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
FIAD – International Federation of Film Distributors’ Associations
Europa Distribution – European Network of Independent Film Publishers and Distributors

Joint Statement on Covid-19 Impact on Film Distribution.



April 15th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
UNIC – International Union of Cinemas

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the European cinema industry. Detailed Information!

EU Cinema Policy News presented by FNE (Film New Europe) and International Union of Cinemas (UNIC)



April 14th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
CEE – Central and Eastern Europe

Bulgaria Announces Financial Support for Culture

FNE Interviews Croatian Audiovisual Centre CEO Chris Marcich: Our entire industry is at risk, but it can recover

Estonia Proposes Additional Crisis Funding for Culture and Sports

Lithuania Proposes Additional Crisis Funding for Culture

Montenegro Enacts Emergency Measures to Help Film Industry and Culture Professionals

Montenegrin Film and TV Industry Adapts to COVID-19 Crisis

Director of Polish Film Institute Appeals to the Management of Television Stations

Poland Gives 870 m EUR to Support Culture During COVID-19 Crisis

Polish Filmmakers Association Helps Filmmakers During COVID-19 Crisis

ADFR Launches Micro-Grants for Romanian Independent Artists

Serbian Survey Shows 10 Million EUR in Losses to Film Industry

Slovenian Film Centre Calls for More Support for Audiovisual Sector



April 9th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Audiovisual Observatory

COVID-19-Measures Data Tracker – stand-alone information aggregator on national measures aimed at supporting the European audiovisual sector



April 8th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Council of the European Union

Ministers of Culture and Media discussed measures aimed at assisting the cultural and creative sector: Please find it here.



April 7th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Joint Film and Audiovisual Sector COVID-19 Statement

The film and audiovisual sector in Europe calls for urgent action by EU and Member State decision-makers.



April 7th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Austrian Commission for UNESCO – Austrian Working Group on Cultural Diversity

Information on the current Situation in Austria – support funds to  minimise the adverse effects of the COVID-19 containment measures.



April 6th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
European Producers’ Club: 10 Measures

The spreading lockdown has resulted in closing of cinemas and shootings cancelled or interrupted across all of Europe.

This lockdown results in immediate cancellation of hundreds of productions in shootings phases, disruption in cashflow and the to-be-expected bankruptcies of production companies.

As a domino effect, it will impact the industry as a whole: all creators-freelancers with no job tomorrow nor any social security: technical suppliers, advertisement agencies, publicity agents, theatres, altogether millions of employees.

In order to prevent this situation, the European Produces Club proposes 10 measures to apply immediately:



April 6th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Measures taken by EFAD members to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak strongly impacts the audio-visual industry. National Film and Audio-visual Funds across Europe are already fully mobilised to take all necessary measures to mitigate the negative consequences for everybody working in the sector.

They are busy reorganising their internal functioning and procedures in order to continue to operate and award support, adjusting existing schemes to introduce more flexibility or creating specific ones to address the difficulties the audio-visual industry already faces.

The linked summary will be regularly updated and completed:



April 6th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
COVID-19 impact on culture: new funds must reach creative sectors immediately

The Chair of EP Committee on Culture and Education warns that the cultural and creative sectors have been ravaged by the impact of stringent public health measures.



April 2nd 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE

Joint Statement by Producers’ Associations, Trade Unions, Guilds and professional Organisations


Please find it here: Fighting the global COVID-19 crisis in the film and TV production sector



April 2nd 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
IMAGO Covid-19: Cinematographers World Report

During the current epidemic, IMAGO’s member societies stand in solidarity and are doing everything they can to help and support cinematographers around the world whose livelihoods are being affected.

Read IMAGOs COVID-19: World Cinematographers Report, which provides the latest updates from all its member societies from around the globe here.



March 30th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE

Open Letter to the EU Commission and the Member States, demanding support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors, particularly cultural creators, affected by the COVID-19 crisis.



March 30th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD)

Message from the IFCCD President



March 30th 2020 | COVID-19-UPDATE
Authors Organisations Joint Statement on COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages our societies, including the cultural and creative sectors, authors organisations stand in solidarity with all those affected by the virus and we support measures taken to contain it.

Read full Statement of ESCA, EWC, FERA, FSE and IMAGO here.



Bring culture back, Ms. President!

Following the announcement of the Commissioner-Designates and their portfolios by President Ursula von der Leyen last Tuesday, Culture Action launched a public campaign urging Ms. President to bring culture back!

Support the campaign and sign here now



Round Table “Copyright Policy in Music and Film” – Expert Talks

On May 21, 2019, upon invitation by EU XXL Film, representatives of the ADA – Austrian Directors’ Association, AKM & austro mechana, the Austrian Filmmakers’ Association, GEMA, MICA – MUSIC Information Center AUSTRIA, the VdFS – Collecting Society of Audiovisual Authors, and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber – Austrian Association for the Audiovisual & Film Industry discussed the new EU copyright directive. In June 2019 it entered into force and should be implemented by the member states of the European Union by June 2021. The new developments of prime importance for the film sector are the use of protected content by online content-sharing service providers (Art. 17), appropriate and proportionate remuneration (Art. 18), the transparency obligation (Art. 19), and the contract adjustment mechanism (Art. 20).

Protocol (pdf)



Filmmakers and the ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation 2019-04-08

A two-day symposium on social justice and fair pay for artists and cultural workers held by representatives of the Off Scene took place between the 8thand 9thApril, 2019 at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna. As part of the symposium which was opened with an evaluation of the situation and outlooks to necessary changes, Fabian Eder, the chairman of the Austrian Filmmakers Association, took a critical look at the relationship between filmmakers and the ORF, to which he added a list of demands for future dealings with one another.



Bye Bye Creative and Diverse Europe? 2019-01-04

Evelyn Regner MEP and Interface Film invited MEPs and others interested to the the European Parliament in Brussels in order to present their work and proposals, resulting from various workshops and networking meetings, als well as their resolution.

Information (pdf)

Press Release (pdf)



Fair Trade for Film Making – Film policy at European level 2019-03-21 
European Film Breakfast @Diagonale’19, Festival of Austrian Film

Organized by Interface Film – an initiative of EU XXL Film. With the kind support of Creative Europe Desk Austria – MEDIA.

During the European Film Breakfast as part of Diagonale’19 Zora Bachmann and Kurt Brazda presented the initiative Interface Film, founded by EU XXL Film in November 2018, which focuses on working conditions, insurance and contract structures, gender equality, minimum pay and distribution opportunities. In a joint conversation with Daniela Padalewski-Gerber (aea) and Gernot Schödl (VdFS) cultural and film-political topics were collected and discussed. In addition, 30-40 representatives of the industry took the invitation as an opportunity for an inspiring exchange.

Report (pdf)